Oprah said  ”I truly believe that a woman can have anything she wants—if she is willing to do the hard work it takes to get it.”Howling Patriot thinks that 2011 is the time for Ms. Palin to do some hard work on the issues

Our view is that if she is not running for President in 2012, then Ms. Palin has  time to take positions on both domestic problems and foreign affairs. However, her current silence on issues and solutions lets pundits and oracles take her less seriously. Of course, putting forward solutions, particularly detailed reasoned approaches to national problems, generates both comments and criticism—sometimes constructive criticism, sometimes not.  Some areas where Palin could take reasoned positions include:

How to control spending on entitlements like social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Is it necessary to raise the age for social security benefits, and should any increase be automatic, a function of need, economic growth or some other measure. What is fair? 

How to control spending on other entitlements—farm subsidies for sugar and other commodities, for example?

Should there be a flat tax for individuals. Should deductibility of mortgage interest be phased out? Should  a flat tax have some progression in tax rates?

Should the federal government ever lend money to states? Are such loans a practical solution to a current problem or prohibited by doctrinaire federalism principles?

How does Palin feel about the bank bailouts and the ongoing failure of improper bank reporting of financial condition?

Given that the federal government has forced down interest rates and the ability of retirees to earn income, should interest and dividends to retirees over 62 be tax free? Should states tax income from retirees who are struggling to make ends meet?

On foreign affairs, a position on theft of intellectual property by China should be easy to formulate.

On the Middle East, what would be her long term policies and goals for that region? What is Ms. Palin’s position on the use of the armed services for overseas humanitarian purposes?

These are just a few of the difficult issues and problems on which Ms. Palin can take aim, do the “hard work” referred to by Oprah, formulate a white paper and claim a leadership role.  A reasoned discussion would also show that Ms. Palin is thoughtful, has good advisors and is flexible—all good qualities for someone aspiring to high political office.

-Howling Patriot