For those of you not hiding under a wild mushroom, it is no surprise that the radicals on the U.S. Supreme Court have declared war on 40 million poor and uninsured Americans.

Having entered the world of no holds barred political activism, the Republican controlled Supreme Court has waived any claim to being impartial and above the fray. Having chosen polemics over reasoned argument, the right wing radical justices invite Howling Patriot to give its point of view.

The radical ring leader and chief plotter against Poor People is Mr. Scalia, now famed for his broccoli analogy, best summarized as “let them eat broccoli,” paraphrasing another unelected and infamous person who was deposed and guillotined. In embracing Scalia’s sound bite, the other radicals gave the proverbial finger(ling) potato to poor Americans, many of whom are minorities or poor white trash with no political pull.

Why pick on Scalia. Well, Scalia is a very smart man, so he undoubtedly knew that his broccoli analogy was at best misleading, certainly wrong and did no more than  waste the time set aside for oral argument. Personally, I doubt Scalia has any interest in broccoli. From his girth we can reasonably assume that he is interested in food but is probably not eating enough vegetables. Not being able to put Scalia on the scales, we cannot be sure if he is obese, but let’s assume that since he is wearing two judicial robes stitched together that he meets a poor person’s definition of obese.

How would Scalia and his radical friends feel about waiting 12 hours in the emergency room to receive their basic healthcare? How will Scalia feel if his health insurance rates rise because he is obese and not eating enough broccoli?

How will Scalia feel if he has to self-fund his gastric bypass surgery? Oh, wait. We taxpayers are paying Scalia’s health insurance premiums and we will be on the hook for his obesity drugs and surgery.

Scalia has put the full weight of his specious arguments on the scales of justice, trying to tip the public discussion in a way that favors a radical agenda that ignores 200 years of constitutional precedent. Scalia also favors dismembering the portions of federal law that require hospitals to admit patients in financial need, rather than leaving them on the emergency room steps to die. Like his insensitive, male, radical brethren, Scalia has forgotten core American values like the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Once poor people are cutoff from access to healthcare, I expect that Scalia will want to stop the federal government from regulating cigarettes. If poor people smoke more and die sooner, then those deaths will relieve the pressures on the social security system so that Scalia can continue his attacks on a just and fair society by killing Social Security.

Scalia in his shiny robe is disassociated from
Americans who work hard, like the farmers who work in  fields cutting broccoli, or the uninsured looking for jobs which don’t exist because the government chose to bail out banks and fat financial cats . Scalia gets the full benefit of a government salary, government healthcare and government retirement benefits. He is getting fat on the hog. He should live a week on food stamps before he wanders down the path of stripping health insurance from Poor People.

Post Script: An ad hominem attack on Scalia avoids the merits of Obamacare, but is a fair riposte because Scalia’s approach also avoids the merits.